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Omarov Erengaip Salipovich

President-Rector of KAYNAR University, Professor

     Vice-President of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany), Member of the Lisbon Geographical Society (Portugal), New York Academy of Sciences, Awardee of the SPI Gold medal of the Association for the Promotion of Industry in France, Medal  awarded for scientific discovery by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences named after  P. L. Kapitsa, Gratitude  of the President of RK N.A.Nazarbayev, the "10 years for Kazakhstan Constitution " Jubilee Medal, Excellenсе in education of  the Republic of Kazakhstan 1998, Awarded a medal by MES of  the R.K 2008 named after  Y.Altynsarin, a Medal of the European Academy of Natural Sciences 2005, a Medal 40 years for  Mangystau region 2013, Gold medal named after Al-Farabi Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences 2014, Jubilee medal 100 anniversary of the Alash government 2017.








Abdibekov Saken Ualikhanovich

Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs of Kainar Academy

     Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor. Best teacher of the University of MES RK (2013). Medals: "A. Baytursynov", "Excellence in education", "130 years for  M.Tynyshbaev". Awarded the title of Professor of RAE, Academician of IAIN, Awarded the nomination "Golden Chair of the Russia".  Сompleted  an upgrade training course in PFUR Moscow  on topic: "Current trends in the development of professional competencies of future specialists in the economic and legal sphere" 72 hours (2011). TSNPR St. Petersburg on  topic: "Effective budget management" 72 hours (2014). NCPC JSC "Orleu" on  topic: "Organizational and methodological aspects of higher education " 72 hours (2017). IPK KazNU named after al-Farabi on  topic: "Strategic management in education" 72 hours (2018). "Management in education" 72 hours (2019). "Digital learning technologies used to improve the quality of teaching economic and financial disciplines" 72 hours (2019).

     Author of 4 monographs, 12 study letters, more than 10 study guides, more than 80 published scientific papers including: USA, England, Canada, Nigeria, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc., as well as 4 articles based on "Thomson Reuters", the H - index. Certificate for the invention "Tax forecasting and planning". Member of the RUMS of JSC Narkhoz University since 2010.






Saparbayev Abdizhapar Dzhumanovich

Vice - Rector for Research Affairs

       Dr. of Economics of Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, honored worker of Kazakhstan, honorary academician of the National Academy of Sciences RK, academician of National Academy of natural Sciences of Kazakhstan, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, laureate of State prize named after CH.CH.Valikhanov and Academician A.I Barayev, excellent student and honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

     His research is devoted to the problem of developing theoretical foundations for managing complex socio-economic systems in order to transition to a model of sustainable development. Under the academic advising 7 doctorates’, 23 candidates’, 2 PhD and 81 masters’ theses on economic specialties were defended. He has published about 500 scientific and methodological works in the Republic of Kazakhstan, also in distant and near foreign publications, including 29 scientific monographs and 18 textbooks and manuals for universities of economic specialties. Since 2015, he is a member of the Doctoral Dissertation Council D 01.17.560 at the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Kyrgyz National University named after Zh.Balasagyn (Bishkek, KR).

       For special merits in the field of education and science, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded the Honorary title "Kazakstannyn Enbek sinirgen kayratkeri", awarded the Order "Kurmet" and medals "Eren enbegi ushin", also 7 anniversary medals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, five badges of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

      Twice winner of the State Grant and the title of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best University Teacher" (2008, 2019).

       Winner of the State Scientific Scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for scientists and specialists who  made an outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology. Scientific direction: Economics.



Perlenbetov Mukhan Atenovich

Vice- Rector for youth policy

Academician of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences.

Academician of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences (RF).

Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Winner of the grant "Best University Teacher 2011".

Awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Minister of Education and Science (2016).

Honorary citizen of Zhualy district, Zhambyl region (2017).

The Association of Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded the Gold Medal named after A. Baitursynov (2019).

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, specialty 19.00.01-general psychology, psychology of personality, history of psychology, ethnopsychology. Dissertation on the topic: "Tulga kacyetteri men psychicallyk protsessterdin baylanysy" defended in dissertation Council at KazNU Al – Farabi 29.09.2010 by Committee for control in education and science MES of RK dated June 16, 2011, Protocol No. 4 was awarded the degree of doctor of psychological Sciences.

Professor, specialty 19.00.00.- psychology (Decision of Committee on control in education and science MES RK from December 30, 2013 Order No. 1669).

Candidate of Biological Sciences in the specialty 03.00.13 - human and animal physiology (Lvov, Ukraine, April 23, 1992). While studying in full-time target graduate school, he completed an internship in the best neuro and psychophysiological schools of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Associate Professor in the specialty biology (Decision of Committee on supervision and certification in education sphere and science MES RK from December 14, 2005 Protocol No. 5)

As a representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he participated in the implementation of the UNT in the Republic of Kazakhstan (2004).

Attended national and international seminars, conferences devoted to the issues of integration of educational system of Kazakhstan to the European standards and principles of the Bologna process and implementation of credit system and distance education technologies in educational process.

As a member of the commission established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan he participated in the work on checking the compliance of universities with licensing requirements.

Author of more than 120 scientific papers, including two monographs, several textbooks and manuals. 22 articles have been published abroad in highly rated journals with an impact factor. 5 publications are included in the Thomson Reuters (Web of Science) information base.

9 articles have been published in the scientometric database Scopus.

Participated in the 16 international scientific conferences (Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Cape town (South Africa), Istanbul (Turkey), Moscow (Russia), Lvov (Ukraine), etc.

2012-2020 - Chairman of the SAC for bachelor's and master degree (education, psychology) in Kazakh state teacher training University, at the Universities of Turan and Caspian.

2014-2020-member of the Dissertation Council for the defense of the PhD degree at KazNPU named after Abai in speciality pedagogy-psychology and psychology.

Since 2013-National Expert of the Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise (JSC NCNTI) of projects in the field of pedagogy and psychology.

Since April 2015-President of the Republican Public Association "Kazakh Psychological Society".



Omarova Saltanat Biyakhmetovna

Vice-Rector for External Relations

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Excellenсe in  Public education

Since 2000, she has been working as an associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy at Kainar University. Since 2014, she has been elected as a professor of Kainar University. She is Vice-Rector for International Relations. Author of more than 40 scientific papers, including two study letters.

Actively engaged in the search, development and implementation of new progressive methods and technologies of training. Introduces students and young people to the methods of self-knowledge and methods of effective organization of the process of self-education. This allows young people, using methods of self-organization and transformation of negative moods and problems into positive aspirations, to successfully enter the world of knowledge, easily master the chosen specialty and become a successful professional.

Teaches students and teaching staff - new bio-adequate and natural technologies. Collaborates with Professors Maslova N. V. and Katkov A. L. from the International Organization of Kinesiology on the development and implementation of modern health-saving methods in the educational process of schools and Universities. He is the initiator and organizer of innovative educational programs and training courses of Kainar University.

In 2014, under her leadership and with the support of the local administration, such international events (in the field of education) were organized as: an international master class and conference, with the participation of famous scientists and psychologists from neighbouring countries and beyond. Honorary guests of which were: President of the Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League - Makarov V. V. and Professor Katkov A. L..

In April and July 2015, she organized advanced training seminars in educational kinesiology, where students and teachers were trained in new methods of relieving stress and bringing the body into a state of internal balance (balance).

In 2014-2015, she published two textbooks: "Nature-like pedagogy in the context of the noosphere approach" and "Modern Problems of applied Psychology". Within the framework of which new approaches to the work of a practicing psychologist are outlined; the work of a psychologist is considered not as helping a patient, but as helping to restore the potential of a healthy person. These benefits characterize the main aspects of human life, reveal the sources of life well-being of the individual, konkretisiert the way of healing relationships with other people (through positively semantic field interactions); describe the techniques of psychological assistance; provide basic rules of mental health, compliance with which is necessary to every man (as their violation can lead one in a state of inner dissatisfaction, stress or neurosis).

Awarded with diplomas of district and city Department of education, award badge "outstanding worker of education of RK", Medal  named after Y.Altynsarin. Currently, Saltanat Biyakhmetovna is:

A full member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Moscow),

A member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences of Germany (in Frankfrut),

Member of the International Association of Francophones (Paris).


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