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Сатпаева 7а (уг. ул. Сейфуллина)
г. Алматы,

img-31Kainar University was established in 1991 as a multi-level higher education institution of social and humanitarian sciences. The first set was 44 students. In 1992, the following new specialties were recruited: 

International Relations, International Economic Relations and International Law. 

It should be noted that the curriculum for these specialties was developed by Kainar University on the basis of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations programs, which later formed the basis of the state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The objectives of the university: 

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I would like to talk about a lot of events which are happening in the life of our university. Write about everything that interests you, comment on events, and ask your questions. You can share your vision on a particular issue and contact the rector’s blog with questions, suggestions and creative ideas that interest you.

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