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13 december 2019
On November 11, 2019, a professor at the Department of Languages ​​and Journalism А.S.Mukhtarova, for 3 year students in the specialty of the Kazakh language and literature, conducted an open lesson on the topic Skill lesson in critical thinking strategies for using positive learning strategies in learned lessons. Students can communicate in the form of discussion, question-answer, narrative, debate, Thinking Technology, Bloom Taximony, RAFT, Case Study, etc. She has done practical work on strategies. During the classroom, students demonstrated their ideas in an open, free, expressive manner and proved the theoretical material in terms of practical competence. At the end of the lesson, Professor S.B. Omarov emphasized that learning strategies are a positive factor that influences the student's personal development. The lesson was a master class that motivated each student to develop logical and self-help skills.

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