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Сатпаева 7а (уг. ул. Сейфуллина)
г. Алматы,
The mission of the Academy Kainar: Quality education today, a secure future tomorrow!

Vision: Kaynar Academy is positioning itself as one of the competitive universities of a social and humanitarian nature, especially in the quality and professional training of future psychologists with advanced psychological knowledge and practices; teachers of the Kazakh language and literature, foreign languages, able to work on the programs of the updated content of education; lawyers who know how to navigate a complex legislative process, as well as those who are familiar with the techniques for the peaceful settlement of disputes; demanded specialists in the field of economics, finance, accounting and auditing, management, organization of transportation and information systems.

In the process of achieving the goal of activity, Kainar Academy solves a number of tasks:

  • the study and further implementation of the credit education system of the countries of the Bologna process in the specialties of the faculty;
  • strengthening the academic mobility of student exchanges by increasing the number of undergraduate 2-degree students;
  • preparation of certain specialties for the international accreditation of educational programs;
  • professional development of teachers in international programs, the expansion of the practical experience of teachers through practical training in production, scientific internships;
  • attraction of leading experts - practitioners to conduct training lectures and practical classes, as well as conducting master classes, business meetings;
  • the participation of teachers in the development of an initiative, fundamental scientific theme;
  • the development of priority educational areas in the form of opening new specialties of undergraduate and graduate programs;
  • the disclosure of the personal and creative potential of students through participation in various clubs, scientific circles of interest;
  • the formation of students' tolerance and opposition to extremism;
  • implementation and promotion of knowledge, permeated with the norms of morality and professional ethics in educational, industrial and social activities;
  • attracting students to participate in sports activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle, conducting interviews, meetings about the dangers of alcoholism, smoking, drug use.
  • increased collaboration with graduates in providing advice on employment and career issues;
  • improvement of work to improve the level of intermediate knowledge of students, the level of training of graduates of the Academy;
  • strengthening the personnel potential of the faculty through retraining and advanced training, scientific internships;
  • ensuring the high quality of the new generation of state educational standards, teaching and the competence of faculty as the main guarantee of the quality of the whole range of educational services offered;
  • strengthening work on the publication of educational and methodical literature, textbooks, textbooks, including electronic textbooks, scientific and analytical articles in national and foreign publications;
  • organization of training in new popular specialties;
  • introduction of a qualitative change in the content of pre-diploma practice, strengthening the organization of familiarization and production practices;
  • the introduction of a system of timely payment for tuition (accrual of interest);
  • raising the level of student science and ensuring its competitiveness on a par with other universities;

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