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Сатпаева 7а (уг. ул. Сейфуллина)
г. Алматы,

Document on general secondary (secondary general), technical and vocational (primary or secondary vocational), post-secondary or higher (higher vocational) education (original);

A copy of the identity document (passport);

6 photographs 3 × 4;

Medical certificate form 086-U.

Persons who have documents on the education of educational organizations implementing educational programs of technical and vocational, post-secondary education, who have confirmed their qualifications and have worked in their specialty for at least one year, additionally submit one of the following documents:

employment record;

service record (list of information about the work, labor activity of the employee), signed by the employer, certified by the seal of the organization (if any);

an archival reference containing information about the employee's labor activity.

Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into the state or Russian language.

Educational documents issued by foreign educational organizations undergo a notification procedure in accordance with the procedure established by law after the enrollment of persons during the first semester of study.


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