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Сатпаева 7а (уг. ул. Сейфуллина)
г. Алматы,
1.1 A student of the Kainar Academy is a person who is successfully studying in educational programs of higher professional education (bachelor's degree) and postgraduate education (master's degree).
1.2 Kaynar's student is:
- a patriot who perceives the successes of the country and the academy as his own;
- an example of a conscientious and creative attitude to learning, a desire to master new technologies;
- a person striving for self-improvement, knowing the national and world culture, studying foreign languages, respecting the traditions of other peoples;
- law-abiding citizen, with a high level of moral and legal consciousness;
- an active participant in the educational, research, social, cultural, sports life of the Academy.
The high title of student Kaynar obliges:
2.1 Strictly comply with the requirements of the Charter of the Kainar Academy, the Code of Honor of the student of the Kainar Academy, the internal regulations, the rules of residence in the hostel and other internal regulations.
2.2 Fully comply with the requirements of the educational program of the Academy, mastering them at a high professional level.
2.3 Actively participate in social, cultural, research activities of the Academy.
2.4 Strengthen and develop corporate culture, take care of the transfer of the traditions of the academy to junior students.
2.5 Observe the requirements for your appearance during training sessions.
2.6 Observe the subordination in relations with teachers and the leadership of the academy.
2.7 Take good care of the equipment, teaching aids and other property, maintain order in the premises and on the territory of the academy.
2.8 In cases of violation, inform the Committee on Youth Affairs and / or the leadership of the Academy.
Academy students have the right to:
3.1 Receive higher and postgraduate professional education in accordance with educational standards and programs, acquire knowledge adequate to the current level of development of science, technology and culture.
3.2 Participate in the formation of an individual learning path.
3.3 In accordance with the established procedure, use the educational and material base, social infrastructure facilities and the information fund of the Academy.
3.4 Receive additional (including paid) educational services.
3.5 To participate in the discussion and solution of the most important issues of the Academy.
3.6 To take part in all types of research work, conferences, festivals, to submit their work for publication in the publications of the Academy.
3.7 Participate in the organization and conduct of cultural, sports and health and other events.
3.8 To create public youth organizations, associations not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to take part in their work.
3.9 Get a place in a hostel if there is an appropriate housing stock.
4.1 For success in the development of educational programs and active participation in cultural, sports, health, scientific and other types of work for students are established various forms of moral and material incentives, including rector's grants and / or discounts for tuition.
4.2 For academic violations and non-compliance with the internal regulations provided for by the Charter of the Academy, the Code of Honor of the Kainar Academy student and other regulatory acts, disciplinary measures are applied to students, up to expulsion from the university.
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